IguVerse FAQ
Alpha channel
1) I was added to the channel, did all the tasks and sent all the proof, but my balance is still 0. What is wrong?
After completing all the tasks and sending the proof to our bot IguverseAlphaBot#6739, it takes our moderators some time to verify it all. Adding tokens takes up to 24 hours. You can check your balance in our table https://iguv.cc/3vgYO0P​
So, if you did everything right, please, wait patiently, until our moderators verify your submission and add tokens to your balance.
2)I've got tokens in the table, but I don't see them on the website. Should they be visible there?
Tokens that you earned in the Alpha channel will be added to your website balance (https://app.iguverse.com/sale) several days prior to the CEX listings. After the listings, you will have to claim the tokens to withdraw them to your wallet. We will announce all the due dates, when they are confirmed.
3)I read that after the listings, withdrawals will be done in several periods of time. Does it refer only to the tokens I earned in the Alpha channel? Or does it affect the tokens I bought as well?
Cliff and vesting rules apply to all the tokens, bought during Private sale, as well as to the tokens earned in the Alpha channel and/or those, distributed as a reward for winning the competitions. All the tokens will be distributed according to the vesting rules, written in our whitepaper - https://whitepaper.iguverse.com/tokenomics/igu/vesting​
4) I forgot to fill my referrer's ID in the form, what can I do now?
You can open a ticket in our Discord using 🎫︱support-ticket form.
Attention: Referral bonuses will be added only if the referral filled in the referral form - https://iguv.cc/3Q1eLAe​
5) Are the tokens we earn in the Alpha channel and the tokens we get in the game the same? Or is there any additional earning mechanics?
The tokens you earn in the Alpha channel are $IGU tokens that will be used to mint NFTs in the game. In-game mechanics reward users with $IGUP tokens.
6)What do name colors in Discord mean?
There are several roles in Discord, the majority of them being earned for being active in the server channels and/or participating in competitions.
Here's the list of colored roles and their meaning:
Dark Yellow - the color of Alpha channel members
Green - the color of new users in the server
Red - the color of NFT owners
Purple - the color of administrators
Yellow - the color of moderators
7) How can I increase my Alpha channel level?
Level is increased by being active in chat. The more messages you have, the faster your level increases. Please, don't spam messages like "gn", "gm" etc to increase your level, as it may result in getting a warning.
8) Will you have the Private Sale round? Will all users have access to the Private Presale round?
Our Private Sale is finished, but there will be IDO and listings on CEX.
9)How can I take part in IguVerse activities?
To be eligible to participate in IguVerse activities, you need to become a member of our Alpha channel by filling in the Google form. After being added to the Alpha channel, you will see new channels, where our Alpha tasks are posted. The completion of these tasks rewards you with $IGU tokens.
10)Is it ok, if you post the tasks in the evening and I send the proof of completion in the morning?
All the tasks are active until the new set of tasks is published. You need to send proof of completion before the new set of tasks is posted.
11)How can I see the number of my referrals?
Each user has their row number in the Google sheet(https://iguv.cc/3vgYO0P). Your row number will be added to your referral's row in the sheet under the "Referred by" column.
12) What is the unlock schedule of the tokens' 6 months vesting period?
Tokens will start to unlock in 3 months after being added to your balance and will be fully unlocked in 6 months.
You get 5% tokens at the listing and 95% are locked. Linear vesting means, that during the 12 months, you will be able to withdraw tokens proportionally to the time period - 7.9% per month.
13)Do I need to pass KYC to get the rewards?
No, KYC is not required to claim your rewards.
14)Can I have several accounts in the Alpha channel?
No, users are prohibited to have multi accounts. Such accounts will be banned and their balance zeroed, in case the administrators find them to be owned by a single person.
15) Do I need to add $IGU to my wallet to claim them?
$IGU has no public token address, we will announce the day when we will present the public address.
16) If I joined the Alpha channel today, do I need to complete all the tasks, that were posted before I joined?
Tasks are deemed active until the new set is posted. All the previous tasks will not yield rewards if completed retrospectively.
17) I'm 15 and can't subscribe to your collection on Binance or complete any other task which is age-restricted, what can I do?
Please, contact our support, using #support-ticket system, we will try to find you an alternative task.
18)How can I get NFTs that users need to hold during the Alpha testing period? Is it required for the new members?
To take part in the Alpha testing, you just have to be a member of our Alpha community, NFTs are not required.
19)Are there any criteria for the proof I send to the bot?
All the proofs should be clear and show the full completion of the tasks.
20) How often is the sheet with the Alpha rewards being updated?
The sheet is being updated daily at 23:00, GMT+2
21)How can I mint my NFT?
As of now, only demo minting is possible. You can demo mint your NFT at https://app.iguverse.com/demo-mint-nft ​
22) I can't access TikTok, Instagram, Medium etc, what shall i do?
In case you have any trouble accessing the required website, please, contact our support, using #support-ticket system, we will try to find you an alternative task.
23)Where can I find the links to the Alpha rewards sheet or the link for referring people?
All the required links are posted in the #alpha-rules channel
24)I want to buy tokens, how can I do it?
$IGU will be available after the listings on CEX, we will announce the exact dates
25) I completed 10/100/1000 tasks, but only got 50 tokens, why?
The max reward you may get for a set of tasks is 50 $IGU. Previous tasks will not yield any rewards.
26)Will Binance list $IGU?
Binance is the top CEX and it will take us a lot of effort to make the listing there happen. Stay tuned, we will certainly make an announcement, if this happens.
27)How much money may I earn?
$IGU price will be dictated by the market. We can't give any exact numbers or even estimates.
28)Where can I find the token's address?
As of now, $IGU has no public token address, we will announce the day when we will present the public address.
29)I've got a DM, saying that I won a whitelist/private allocation/unique NFT, is it true?
IguVerse team NEVER DMs members in Discord. All such messages are scam attempts, don't hesitate to report them to our moderators.
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