IguVerse FAQ
Private sale
How to buy IGU tokens?
Can I buy IGU tokens on Pancakeswap?
I don’t have access to the User dashboard. I wasn’t on the Whitelist. What should I do?
Can I buy NFT now from Binance or Opensea and get allocation?
Can I still get into Whitelist?
Where can I find IGU Smart Contract?
What is a minimal entry in the Private Sale?
Where IGU tokens will be listed?
Where can I see my IGU balance?
How to see my IGU tokens in MetaMask?
When I can sell my tokens?
What are cliff and vesting?
What is linear vesting? Can I claim tokens every day?
What will be the price of IGU token on the listing?
What is a Public round? When it will take place?
I cannot buy tokens. Instead, I see an error.
What will happen to the unsold tokens?
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