Why is the Claim button not active?

The "Claim" button is active only when your balance in the game is positive (when the balance on the green wallet box is greater than zero). When the balance is zero, the button is not clickable.

It is important to remember that all transactions are carried out on the blockchain, which means that in order to initiate them, you need to have some BNB in your account to pay the commission fee (1 dollar will be enough for you for a long time).

Why can't I see my rewards?

In order to see all your rewards, go to the Wallet tab in the upper right corner. Then to the Rewards tab. In the Available Rewards section (green box), you will see rewards that can be claimed and converted into IGUP: they can be used for feeding, other in-game spendings and token withdrawal. In the Locked Rewards tab (brown box), you can see rewards that are not yet available to you and will be unlocked over a certain period of time. Under these tabs is the history of your transactions. Transactions related to claiming will have two numbers separated by a slash: the number of unlocked rewards and the total number of rewards for this game day.

When do I get my bonus tokens for the mint?

After purchasing the NFT, you immediately receive the bonus tokens. They go to the Locked Rewards section for 120 days (180 days for the Free rank). After 120 (180) days, tokens begin to unlock and gradually move to Available Rewards. To receive tokens, the user must be active in the application for at least 60 days!

How do tokens unlock? What do I need to receive them?

For each day that you have collected 60+ energy, you will receive locked rewards. Starting from the day of task completion, every day you will receive a percentage of tokens in the Rewards section until all 100% are credited to your account. The daily unlock depends on the rank of your NFT. The higher the rank, the higher this percentage.

What's the IGUP token contract address?


Check the address in the blockchain explorer: https://bscscan.com/address/0x522d0f9f3eff479a5b256bb1c1108f47b8e1a153

What to do when you have collected 100 energy?

If the energy balance exceeds 60, the user's energy is reset and converted into VIGUP rewards for each player at 00:00 UTC. Otherwise, it is halved, and the remaining energy balance is preserved in the next iteration of the game.

Why do I play but not get tokens?

To receive rewards, you must:

  • Complete tasks and earn more than 60 energy points. Collected energy gets converted into (virtual) tokens only when it reaches 60 points. Otherwise, it is halved and goes to the next game day. The Virtual Tokens are located in the Locked Rewards section and are unlocked every day according to the unlock percentage based on the NFT. Unlocked rewards are displayed in the green box.

  • Claim tokens. Since all transactions are made on the blockchain, this operation requires a commission in BNB tokens, which is only a few cents. After claiming the tokens, they will be displayed in your main wallet.

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