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How to feed my virtual pet if food consumption is more than the daily unlock?

After minting a new NFT, rewards added by this NFT have an increased unlock rate (50%) for 5-7 days, depending on the NFT Rank. At 100 energy points, if you have an Uncommon Rank NFT or higher, you will always receive more tokens than you need to feed your pet. Therefore, in this case, you can feed the pet only at the expense of rewards. However, it should be noted that feeding transactions are made on the blockchain and require a fee in BNB (costs just a few cents).

If you earn significantly less than 60 energy points and the rewards are not enough to feed the pet, then you need to buy IGUP tokens and use them for feeding. 2 weeks after the mint, the unlock rate earned by this NFT will reach 100% and you will no longer need to top up your balance.

IGUP can be purchased from the built-in in-app exchange, Biswap and PancakeSwap decentralized exchanges, and the MEXC Global centralized exchange.

Biswap: https://biswap.org/

PancakeSwap: https://pancakeswap.finance/

MEXC Global: https://www.mexc.com/.

Does the pet's health somehow affect rewards?

Your pet's health level is directly related to the rewards you can receive. The more health, the greater your reward. If by completing tasks during the day you have gained 100 energy and your pet is 100% healthy, you will receive 100% of the reward. If you managed to collect 100 energy, but the pet has only 50% health, you will receive only 50% of the maximum possible reward.

What's the price of a rank upgrade?

Only 6 lower ranks are available for mint. Users will need to complete daily tasks and accumulate experience (XP) to increase their level and therefore rank. For each task, you get a different amount of experience, which is distributed among the user's NFTs.

Each rank has 10 levels. Once the required experience threshold, the user will be required to spend $IGUP to advance. After leveling up 10, it is possible to increase the rank for IGU (BNB). To move from a lower rank to a higher one, the user must pay 70% of the cost of the rank they want to upgrade to.

At the moment, you can only upgrade the rank for $BNB tokens. We have decided to introduce this option so that our early adopters of the app can improve their NFTs before the listing. We will implement the $IGU rank up option once the token is out.

How can I turn a Free Rank Pet into an NFT?

In order for your Free Rank pet to become a full-fledged NFT, you need to upgrade it to level 10. At this point, you will be able to upgrade the rank to Starter.

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